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CG Companies, an affiliate of CG Worldwide, is a diversified financing and consulting company comprised of four primary business segments: (1) Strategic Investment and Trade (CG SIT); (2) Financing and Funding (CG FF); (3) Real Estate (CG RE); and, (4) Consulting (CGC, i.e., arbitration and mediation, business registration and compliance, investigation and background information, and debt collection and legal services).

CG was established through successions since 1996 in Chicago, Illinois, and is a holding (parent) company of business registration, business loan, investigation and legal, and commodity trade and transport companies, which are "children" companies of subsidiaries, partners, joint ventures, or affiliates. Today, CG associates and affiliates are operating worldwide, which include: CG HQ USA in Chicago (Illinois), Los Angeles (California), New York City (New York), and Washington, DC; CG HQ Canada in Toronto (Canada), CG HQ Europe in London (United Kingdom) with affiliate offices in Düsseldorf (Germany) and Lyon (France); and, CG HQ Asia in Seoul (Korea) with affiliate offices in Hong Kong (China) and Downtown Core (Singapore).

Perspective in the Global Market

Strategic Investment & Trade (CGSIT) Division and Financing and Funding (CGFF) Division - CGSIT Division and CGFF Division are the core business of the CG, which is mainly financial advisory and consulting in bank securities, commodities, investments, and funding businesses. These operations are in conjunction with top world banks or financial institutions, including Bank of America, Bank of Montreal, Citibank, Credit Suisse Bank, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, UBS, and other assets managements and private trusts.

CGSIT Division

A) CG Strategic Investment and Trade (CG SIT) Division is mainly in buying, selling, and trading of bank and financial instruments, which include annuities, bank/financial securities, bank guarantees, bonds, certificate of deposits, line of credits, US Treasury Bills/Notes, and other asset-backed or collateralize financial notes. We are able to do transactions worldwide on the commodities exchange with direct trading (particularly currencies, metals, and US Treasury bills and bonds) under the registered Commodities Trading Advisor and National Futures Association.

B) CGSIT Commodity Trading and Transporting (CG-TT) Division is operational under CG-Trivestors and its warehouse management. CGTT is a wholesale trader and warehouse management company to Africa, East Asia, India, and North America in which it has been buying, selling and shipping commodity and consumer products since 2002. In addition to our commodity trading operations, we are able to service any legal distribution and/or shipment of products because of in-house expertise for shipment finance, logistic, regulation, and product loading and unloading in cargo containers. Our international operations are mainly involved food and beverage products (canned, dry, fresh or frozen beans, fruits, meats, nuts, seafoods, vegetables, and grains-corn, rice, wheat, etc.), building material (bathroom counter top, kitchen cabinet, floor tile, window, and door), cement, fertilizer (nitrogen urea and organic), metals and minerals (gold, aluminum, copper, iron/steel, nickel, silver, sulphate, etc.), oil/fuel (crude oil, diesel fuel and ethanol fuel), and consumer goods (CDs, cell phones, computers, clothes, DVRs, generators, solar energy system panels, telephones, and vehicles-car/SUV/truck). Please refer to the profile of CGTT.

C) CGSIT Consulting Division - Financial and investment consulting arm of CG, which is specifically dealing with high-end clientele for strategic investments and brokerage. Each client is personally assisted by a highly qualified expert and most transactions are under the specialized and secured private banking area.

CGFF Division

A) CG-BFS / eCapital ( Lombard , Illinois and Liverpool, United Kingdom) is CG Financing and Funding is active in Account Receivable, Purchase Order, Freight (Trucking Transportation) Billing, Staffing/Employee Payroll, and Import/Export Funding. Our alliance of direct lending operations includes 14 countries (Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Netherlands, UK, Singapore and more) and over 17,500 clients that total our funding of over $22 billion. In addition, we are capable of helping our clients with acquisition, joint venture, contracting, equipment leasing, sale-lease back, line of credit and other financial services. Mainly, we are specializing in making or structuring investments and business consulting for medium-sized companies in North America and Canada that seek expansion, yet capable of particular small-sized and larger companies with creditable clients that have $1 million or more yearly in purchase orders, account receivables, real estate, bonds, or other low risk assets for collateral with irrevocable, committed contracts). Note that funding of $100 million or more is possible if qualified assets and/or collateral (e.g., purchase orders, account receivables, real estate, bonds, or other low risk assets for collateral). CG is a joint venture partner of BFS and mainly operational with BFS USA . Please refer to the profile of CG-BFS.

B) CG-OD Capital and SF Capital ( New York City , New York ) and CG-CBF ( Irvine, California ) are established business financing companies that has been leading the small-sized business loan industry. As a direct lender that is on the Nasdaq U.S. Stock Exchange and capable of in-house funding resources in addition to its network of resources; OD Capital’s operation is effective and efficient to give funding quickly. Our resources give as much as $1 million for a maximum of 3 years to business owners with a minimum credit score of 500. CG is the FAP Partner of OD Capital and in alliance with SF Capital and CBF. Please refer to profiles of CG-OD Capital, SF Capital, and CG Financing and Funding.

Perspective in the United States -- CG ( USA ) Companies:

1) CG Strategic Investment & Trade Division - CG (Worldwide) Companies

2) CG Financing and Funding Division - CG (Worldwide) Companies

3) CG Real Estate (CGRE) Division

A) KMC/Alison Commercial Real Estate Banking ( Newport Beach , California ) was established in 1934 and is a fully registered commercial lending bank, which is the commercial real estate lending and brokerage services for CG. This established operation is capable of fully processing and underwriting loans and, in addition, private lending services by co-lending or servicing the loan. Often the loan amount of $500,000 to $50 million per transaction, yet the loan amount can be higher depending on the profile of the loan. KMC/Alison Commercial Real Estate Banking and its affiliates are the real estate administration and strategic finance relationship operations of CGRE. Please refer to the profile of CGRE-KMC.

B) CGRE-CV ( Irvine , California ) is an affiliated company on the U.S. New York Stock Exchange and direct lender of purchase or refinance rental investment properties (e.g., rental homes, condos, townhouses, and multi-units) with 1 to 30 years with interest rates as low as 6 percent for real estate investment borrowers with minimum of 20 percent ownership and poor to excellent credit scores (including non-U.S. citizenship loans) throughout the USA. Please refer to the profile of CGRE-CV.

4) CG Consulting Division

CG offers many special services, including business registration and compliance, dispute resolution mediation and arbitration, debt collection and asset recovery, export and import product, and finance, management and negotiation. CG Executives are highly qualified and, often, the best in their profession and are working or have worked for renown corporations or government agencies. This allows CG to provide the "best of the best" to help its clients in specific strategic management and planning for successful results.

A) FIA (Chicago, Illinois and Washington, DC) is a joint operation of exclusive entities that are experts in information investigation and legal services, which are fully licensed and certified by the National Judgment Network and a member of the ACA in the USA and the International Association of Commercial Collectors to research background, financial ownership, and location of a person or company. Since 1996, we have been finding persons and companies, verifying identities, searching for personal and corporate assets and financial information, collecting debts, and providing legal services. Currently, we are servicing debts of $1,000 or more for some of the largest companies, law firms, and government entities of debt collection and asset recovery in the USA in addition to successful debt recovery in Canada, Mexico and other countries in business loans, credit cards, medical billings, property rents, returned bank checks, utility bills, government and lawsuit judgment payments. Our experts are using the highly advanced technology of intelligence resources to gather and analyze information in order to locate and take legal action with our agents, associates, and attorneys in the recovery of debts and assets, providing the best service possible for our clients. CG with the support of EDR provides legal, research information, debt collection, and debt recovery services for our clients.

B) CSC / Incorporate (Wilmington, Delaware) was founded in 1899 and is a worldwide operation and is one of the largest business consulting companies in the USA. We have a wide range of corporate services for low costs, and the largest accounting, law and financial companies, small businesses, and individuals have our award-winning services, including which include filing corporations, formation of all types of companies, registered agent services, corporate kits, publications, trust and escrow agent services, and credit card processing services. In addition, our award-winning services include a "corporate veil" guarantee insurance for properly registering companies and being a registered agent in any state in the USA and/or other countries (e.g., Canada and Mexico). CG supports the operation of CSC / Incorporate to give our clients the best service. Please refer to the profile of CGC.

If you have a question, please contact our executive offices so that we can be of assistance. A staff member or representative may be reached by weekday between the hours of 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.



 CG Companies can give the best possible prices because of the special arrangement between CG Companies and its affiliated companies.

 Please discuss the best possible pricing with a CG Associate before making a decision. 



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